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Want to brighten things up and have something new to share together with your kids?

Would you like to open your mailbox to see something fun and exciting?

It’s time for some Snail Mail love! We’ll send you an AWESOME pack of stickers every single month for only $15.95.

Join by the end of the month for the next pack!


Fun for the whole family.
$15.95/ month

… including shipping for USA and Canada, and $6 shipping everywhere else.


We focus on putting together ONE fantastic pack of stickers each month for the whole family. No need to decide which package to order… the Snail Mail Sticker Club has something for everyone, every single month!

Share the stickers with your family, or keep them for your own collection… either way, we’re spreading JOY one Sticker Club pack at a time!

A portion of every single sticker subscription is donated to support Ronald McDonald House creating a comfortable, safe place for families to stay when their children are in hospital. Thank you for your support!