We get it - stickers aren’t the most eco-friendly product in the world.

…. but we can all work on changing that bit by bit!

As a family and as a team, we are committed to creating fun for you and your family, but it’s not fair for that to harm our earth in the process. We believe in making as little waste and using minimal plastic wherever we can. When we order our stock, we ask our sticker suppliers to skip the plastic outer wraps, packing peanuts, and any other unnecessary packaging. When we ship our stickers to you, we package without extra plastics… there is already enough included with the sheets. ;)

Our paper: On our original designs, we work with printers who are committed to environmental responsibility. We stick to Canadian companies in our printing so that our products are not logging too many travel miles; and, where we can, we pick up our orders in person. Ninety- five percent of our paper products are printed on paper certified to the highest standard of responsible forestry.

Shipping: Express and expedite shipping have a higher impact on the environment and are more costly for customers too. For this reason, we ship all subscriptions and orders via regular mail - USPS or Canada Post. We use fun stamps to make it part of the experience!

What does this mean for you? Most sticker sheets will be shipped to you in a paper bag and envelope. Removing the outside cellophane and backing for recycling means you also pay less shipping because your shipment is lighter weight. We take care of the waste! Please reuse our packaging envelope for something fun, or recycle all the paper parts.

Our commitment: We want to get better and we are looking for ways to change the sticker industry and create sustainable products of our own. Let us know… does this matter to you too?

Sustainability Snail Mail Stickers