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Snail Mail Sticker Club Family

Hello! Hello! Welcome! Thank you!

We - all five of us! - are so grateful that you’ve stopped by to learn more about Snail Mail Stickers… and to learn more about us as a family! We started this business as a project we could all work on together, and it is a huge blessing to share it with you and YOUR family!

Maybe you’re like us, and at times your family feels so big (even if you’re 2 or 3!), loud, and boisterous that you have to open the front door and step outside for a deep breath or it is all going to blow…. whew. Family connection is important, but we've gotta have a break! It’s real life. It’s messy. It’s loud. It’s beautiful.

We love crafting and getting creative together, but there are days when digging out all the supplies is too much — Stickers to the rescue! Pulling out our sticker collection is a sure way to calm things down and enjoy a moment together. After dinner, we only need our stickers and a few sheets of paper or postcards. Simple, easy, and fun!

As a family, you can count on us to work together to create the most awesome sticker packs for you to dig into together. That’s what it’s all about!

We have big goals for our little Snail, and are so excited to see him travel across the world… from our family to yours! If our Sticker Club can bring a smile to your face, we’ve done our job - and it’s a wonderful thing! THANK YOU!

Many blessings!

Scot, Alexis, Aprilia, Ember, Jaxon

Snail Mail Sticker Club Family

We love…

  • Picnics + nature hikes

  • Days when everyone is getting along (ha!)

  • Doing big messy experiments together

  • Meeting strangers who become friends

  • Stickers! …. duh.

Our Mission

Everything starts with love. Everything starts with family, whatever your family looks like. We believe the world could use more love. More joy. More delight!

Sooo….. STICKERS! Perfect little ways to share more love, joy, and delight! We believe that the small, simple sticker can change lives.

Stickers create smiles where there were none.

Stickers create beauty from simplicity.

Stickers create friends from strangers.

Stickers create connection.

And connection? Connection is what we are all here for.

It’s our mission to help your family connect, have fun, and enjoy life… together!

Snail Mail Sticker Club

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